Transportation between Taoyuan International Airport and Taipei City/ Venue

Taoyuan International Airport provides a 24-hr taxi service, bus service, HSR shuttle bus service and Taoyuan Airport MRT service for convenient travel around Taiwan.


| Taxi Service

There is a 24-hour taxi service available on the west side of the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 Arrivals Lobby at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Airport taxis charge according to the meter plus a 15% surcharge (highway tolls not included). The typical fare to downtown Taipei is around NT$1,100. From the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, you may take a taxi directly to Academia Sinica for around NT$ 1,700 (US$50-60).


| Intercity Bus Service

Four bus companies now provide frequent services between Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and important destinations around Taipei every 20-30 min. Bus Fares are approximately NT$110-140 (US$4-5), and the trip takes about 60 to 90 minutes. The bus station is on the southwest side of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area of Terminal 1, and on the northeast side of the Arrival Passenger Reception Area on the first floor in Terminal 2.

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| Taoyuan International Airport MRT

Taoyuan International Airport MRT operate from 6:00-23:00. Express Trains and Commuter Trains run from Taoyuan International Airport


Public Transportation from Taoyuan International Airport to Academia Sinica 

Nangang Station is a metro, railway, intercity bus and high speed rail (HSR) station, and it is quite close to Academia Sinica. City buses operated by 4 major companies provide several lines that stop at the two main bus stops serving Academia Sinica. The bus stops are named, Zhongyan New Village and Academia Sinica.



| From Nangang Station Nangang Administration Center stop on Nangang Rd. to Academia Sinica Academia Sinica stop, bus numbers: 205, 212, 276, 306, S12

| From Nangang Station (Exit No.2) Nangang MRT Station stop on Zhongxiao East Rd. to Academia Sinica Academia Sinica stop, bus numbers: 212, 270, BL25

| From Nangang Exhibition Center MRT Station Nangang Exhibition Center Station stop (across the road from MRT Exit No.5) at the intersection of Academia Rd. and Nangang Rd.  to Academia Sinica Academia Sinica stop, bus nubmers: 212, 205, 276, 306, 620, 645, 679, S5, S1, S12